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Accessing your college Onedrive when using Kurzweil 3000 Web version

After you have received your account for Kurzweil 3000 you may want to save files to your College OneDrive so you can access them anywhere you go.  Kurzweil also offers storage space on their cloud storage but, keep in mind that, after your access to Kurzweil has ended you will loose access to these files, however, files stored on your college OneDrive will be accessible for as long as you keep your college account active.

Airport - Supporting WinAir/Talon integrated PowerAutomate Flows

This article discusses the PoweAutomate Flows created for the Airport to support their aircraft.
IT has been handed this task to support so this document should be used to document any support information learned for this process.

AppsAnywhere - How to install AppsAnywhere on your personal computer

Follow these instructions if you haven't installed AppsAnywhere and CloudPaging on your personal Device.

AppsAnywhere - How to start using AppsAnywhere

The college is begun distributing software through an online software portal called AppsAnywhere.  If software to support your program is available on this resource these instructions will help you get started.

AppsAnywhere - My Antivirus program is blocking programs running from AppsAnywhere

Some programs, when run from, get blocked by Security Software (AV)) companies.  These files are created at Sault College or in cooperation with Software2 the vendor for AppsAnywhere.  Because these files are assembled in house the AV companies have no baseline to determine if they are a threat.  Allowing software run from AppsAnywhere is safe but be cautious of other programs you may download from the Internet..

The same issue could happen when running so

Articulate 360 - How to Login for the first time

These instructions guide you, a new Articulate 360 user, through the initial setup and usage. After receiving an invitation email and creating your Articulate ID, you’ll log in to the Articulate 360 website. You’ll then access your account using AppsAnywhere, which allows you to access your apps and resources.

Changing your Default Application in Windows by File type

This KB will help you set FoxIT Phantom PDF Writer as the Default program for opening PDF files, however, these steps will work to help you change the Default program for opening any file type. Typically, this isn’t necessary, because when installing applications the traditional way the program installer sets the defaults automatically. However, with AppsAnywhere, software is installed into a virtual space on your pc and Windows doesn’t allow Default apps to be set in this manner, or you may jus

Changing your default PDF viewer

If you are noticing that your PDF documents are automatically loading into your web browser you may be experiencing a limited number of feature.  A few options you will loose are: Can't sign a document, can't leave comments and can't open fillable PDF forms.

Clockwork Cloud - How to Install

March 2022 Student Services Migrated to ClockWork Cloud.  These instructions a for those who've been granted access to the software.

ClockWork Cloud - How to Register and Login

After you have installed Clockwork Cloud from the Company Portal, these are the steps to follow to start using the program.

Clockwork Cloud - How to setup cdelegate access in Outlook for syncing both calendars

Once Clockwork is installed and working, some staff may have access to the Outlook Sync functionality.  To use this Outlook needs to have a delegate account added and Matt has to ensure the staff member has been granted access on the Clockwork system.

Employees - Installing software using the Company Portal

Employees of Sault College, using company computers, are not administrators of their pcs and so they are unable to install software directly, such as downloading from the Internet.  However, we have provided a tool to allow you to install college approved application directly on your computer.  This tool is call the COMPANY PORTAL.

ERP Application Development Requests - Systems Owner Approval Process

With the introduction of the new ticket requests for Application Development changes, we designated System Owners to handle the Workflow Approval process for the following Systems.

Foxit PDF Editor - How to install and activate

Foxit PDF Editor Pro Education is a comprehensive solution designed for educational institutions. It offers a range of features to facilitate digital learning and save on the school’s IT budget. These instructions will guide you on what the product is and how to manage it.

FoxIT PDF Editor Migration - How to Install and activate

Foxit PDF Editor Pro Education is a comprehensive solution designed for educational institutions. It offers a range of features to facilitate digital learning and save on the school’s IT budget. 

This article only focuses on the Migration Projects, migrating users from The AppsAnywhere version to the Company Portal version.  So if a member of ITS has reached out to you, this is the article to follow.  If you have a net new request, then please follow this article instead: https://saultcollege

How do I login to Office 365?

Showing you step-by-step how to login to your Office 365 account.

How to clear your cache (Multiple browsers)

Occasionally you may run into an issue where a web-page isn't displaying the content you are expecting or your experiencing an issue with a particular website.  If the issue is limited to a small number of websites try these steps to see if the issue is resolved.  Our Student Portal at does experiences this issue for some users.

How to create your own personal Bookings Page (Bookwithme)

Microsoft Bookings offers a feature called “Bookings with me”, which allows you to create a personalized booking page for scheduling meetings and appointments. Here’s how you can set it up:

How to flatten a PDF document

Flattening a PDF document offers numerous advantages. If you wish to leverage these benefits, please follow the steps outlined below.

How to install Office 365 on a personal device

All students are currently enrolled in course and all full time staff member are eligible to receive 5 take home license of Ofiice 365.

How to install Read & Write toolbar for College use

Read&Write is designed to help students understand, engage and express themselves.  Read&Write is a literacy support tool that offers help with everyday tasks like reading text out loud, understanding unfamiliar words, researching assignments and proofing written work.

How to use Adobe Fill & Sign feature to Request Signatures

If you have an Adobe Creative Cloud license then you have access to use a limited number of "Request Signatures" using the Adobe Fill & Sign feature.  Users can always use Fill & Sign using the manual method but this article discusses the SYSTEM that Adobe provides.

Insight - Salon Software

Insight Salon Software is a comprehensive salon and spa management software that offers a wide range of features to help businesses grow and operate more efficiently and is currently being used in Hairstyling and Estheticians clinic.

Kurzweil 3000 - WEB (Features)

Kurzweil Education is an American-based company that provides educational technology. Kurzweil Education provides literacy solutions, tools and training for those with learning differences and challenges, or people with blindness or partially sighted.

Logging in to Celtx

Logging into your Celtx account can only be done by using an instructor provided username/password.  It is important not to use the Sign in with Google or Sign in with Microsoft links when logging into your account.

Logging into Creative Cloud Applications published on AppsAnywhere

Adobe Creative Cloud is a collection of software applications and services from Adobe Inc. that provides subscribers access to a range of software used for graphic design, video editing, web development, photography, and more. It includes over 20 desktop and mobile apps and services for photography, video editing, graphic design, web development, and more.

Logging into Webex / Setting up Webex account for the first time

In order to use Webex to create virtual meetings you will need an account. If your name has been registered with Webex you will be able to setup your account by following the below instructions. If you encounter issues please contact the Service Desk for assistance and reference this article.

Mechatronics Degree Software Resouces - (AppsAnywhere) is an application catalog (AppsAnywhere) that simply allows students, with HUMBER usernames, who are registered in the Bachelor of Engineering - Mechatronics degree program to access applications whether they are in an on-campus lab or working anywhere on their own device. Access to applications may be limited by licensing agreements or technical requirements. While some applications can be streamed directly to your own device, others may need to be accessed with AppStream or in

Mechatronics Degree Software Resouces - (AppsAnywhere) is an application catalog (AppsAnywhere) that simply allows users to access applications whether they are in an on-campus lab or working anywhere on their own device. Access to applications may be limited by licensing agreements or technical requirements. While some applications can be streamed directly to your own device, others may need to be accessed with AppStream or in our labs. You can access applications from many devices but may be restricted with resolution sizes. For A

Minitab - Setting up account for first use, and using software at school or home

Minitab is Statistical program that was purchased for the Mechatronics Degree program.  Sault College has a limited number of licenses which can only be accessed if you are in the program and your faculty members has approved access to use the software.  If you have been provided access, please continue to read below on how to setup your account for first use and how to load the software at school or home.

MS Teams - Not getting message notifications after being added to a Team

After getting added to a Team you may not be receiving notifications.  These steps will help you resolve this issue.

Office 365 - Syncing files to/from your computer with your College Microsoft Cloud storage

If you have been storing your college data on Microsoft's Servers by using any of these technologies: SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams Files or Microsoft OneDrive, you may be getting tired of going to the website or the Teams client to access them.  Wouldn't it be great if you can access your files using your computers File Explorer (Windows Explorer) built-in file navigator? Well there is away.  After you are done these steps you will be able to access all the the files you cho

Process for Procurement of new academic software

When buying software in an academic environment, it is important to follow a systematic process to ensure the software meets the institution's needs and aligns with the overall IT strategy.

Restricting Participant Access in MS Teams Meetings

By default, everyone who joins your meeting has presenter access. Use Meeting Options to control who can share content in a meeting and reduce the risk of uninvited guests or content.

Setting up MFA after receiving a new computer

If you have received a new laptop and MFA has been enabled at the same time you will be required to configure MFA during the initial log on of the computer.  Windows will guide you through the process.  Below is a guide to each screen.

Using Microsoft Stream to manage your video content

tream (on SharePoint) is an intelligent enterprise video experience that is part of Microsoft 365. It empowers you to record, upload, discover, share, and manage video just as you would any other file. Video is like any other document. It seamlessly integrates with apps across Microsoft 365, so you get the same experience no matter where you add or engage with video content.

VMWare IT Academy - How to access the resources and software you've just been granted access to

The Computer Studies program has registered for access to VMWare's IT Academy.  This rich resource will give students and faculty the ability to study for certifications, get discounts and access VMWare software for Academic Purposes while attending Sault College in a related course.