Foxit PDF Editor - How to install and activate


Foxit PDF Editor Pro Education is a comprehensive solution designed for educational institutions. It offers a range of features to facilitate digital learning and save on the school’s IT budget. 

Target Audience

All Employees that require access to the features of a PDF Editor

Step 1: Request a new License to use FoxIT PDF Editor

NOTE: If you previously had a license assigned to you to use FoxIT PDF Editor from AppsAnywhere Step 1 isn't required.  ITS will be reaching out to you, proactively, to assist in the migration to your new license.
  1. Submit a new ticket to request a new Corporate Software License.
    1. When entering your ticket, in the Reason for Purchase / Change form field please outline the features you require to help ITS understand your needs:
      Examples: Edit PDFs, eSign, properly protect PDFs, scan and OCR paper documents, export to other file formats, create PDF docs and forms, organize PDFs, and merge PDFs.
      Occasionally, a feature that you require may already be available in the Free PDF Reader program.
    2. There no cost to college departments to request one of these licenses.
  2. Once ITS assigns you a FoxIT PDF Editor license, come back to this document and continue with Step 2 - Install and Use your FoxIT PDF Editor license, below.
NOTE: Information Technology Services has incorporated the cost of the software into our budget, when filling in the ticket form, please enter N/A in the Account for Billing field. 
Please note there a limited number of institutional licenses available. If you no longer use FoxIT PDF Editor in your role, please notify ITS so that your license can be returned to the license pool. You can re-request the license at any time.

Step 2: Install and Use Your FoxIT PDF Editor License

Accepting the License Invitation

Once a FoxIT Administrator has assigned you a license, you will receive an email invitation from

NOTE: If using the Web Version of Outlook or the 'New' Outlook, the email may arrive with no visible content.  This problem has been reported to FoxIT for resolution. If your email arrives blank there are two options to help you work around this issue:

Option 1: Use Old Outlook, instead of New Outlook (Easiest method)

  • Simply click the on/off toggle, in the top right side of your Outlook client, to change between to two versions of Outlook.  You will then be able to see and click the link.
  • If you prefer the new Outlook, you can simply use the toggle to go back to the new version at any timeUploaded Image (Thumbnail)

Option 2: Forward the invitation email

  1. Once you click the Forward button, the content of the email will be revealed. 

  2. Clicking the link WILL NOT WORK, at this point, so you would have to copy the URL from the link if you choose this solution.  To do that:

    1. Right click the invitation link

    2. Click Copy link address

      Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
    3. Open a web browser and paste the link into the Address bar at the top of your web browser.

Accepting the Invitation

  1. In the email invitation, click Click here to join now!Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
Note: You only have 72 hours to accept this invitation before it expires.  If you are unable to install within the 72 hour window you will need to contact the IT Service support member who originally assigned you the license, to have email invitation resent.  


  1. After clicking the link you will be redirected to FoxIT website, where you can create a new FoxIT accountUploaded Image (Thumbnail)
  2. Once you've clicked Sign Up you should see the Success Verification screen and your new account is ready to use.


Migration Step Only -- Not needed for new deployments

Un-installing the AppsAnywhere Version of FoxIT PDF Editor

The newest version of FoxIT PDF Editor will not work on a device that has previously installed the AppsAnywhere version. To un-install:

Open Cloud Paging Player on your computer

  1. Click on FoxIT PDF Editor in the Player
  2. Click RemoveUploaded Image (Thumbnail)
  3. Say Yes when promptedUploaded Image (Thumbnail)
  4. Once the program is removed from the Player you can close this program by clicking the in the top right hand corner.

Company Portal - How to Install Foxit PDF Editor

The new version of FoxIT PDF Editor will be installed directly to your device as a desktop application using Company Portal.

  • Run Company Portal on your computer
    • Click the Windows Start menu
    • Search for Company Portal and run it
    • Look for FoxIT PDF Editor and click it to begin the Install.Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
NOTE: Installing via Company Portal may take 15 mins or more to complete

If you need more detailed support for the Company Portal, please follow this article:

Licensing FoxIT PDF Editor on first use

When opening FoxIT PDF Editor for the first time you will need to login by using your new FoxIT account, once you've logged in you will have full access to use the program

  1. Run FoxIT PDF Editor for the first time
  2. Click Sign In, if promptedUploaded Image (Thumbnail)
  3. When prompted to make Foxit PDF Editor you default, note that an administrator will be required to make this change.
    1. If you want FoxIT PDF Editor to be your default, please go to the Service Desk walkin office in B1045 for assistance
    2. If you don't require FoxIT PDF Editor to be your default:
      1. Uncheck "Always perform this check when starting Foxit PDF Editor"
      2. Click No
  4. Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)You will then be prompted to login to Foxit for the first time.
    Email: Please use the format.  Example
    Password: This is a new password that you create on the Foxit platform. It is managed separately from your college account.
  5. Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)When clicking the Account icon in the top right of the program you will now see that you have logged in and have been assigned a license.Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

Web Consoles

FoxIT PDF Editor also provides you with additional tools to the Desktop software via web portals.  There are two web portals that will allow you to use all the features of FoxIT PDF Editor system.  

FoxIT PDF Editor Cloud - - Online access to all web portals and Web editing of PDF documents.  

eSign Portal for all users - Available to all licenses users, but should only be used by users in need of an easy method for collecting signatures on a document or if there is a need for a legally binding signature for a service we offer.


Foxit PDF Editor will update Automatically.


The college now has access to a legally binding and tracking signing system.  These should be used for tasks that require a traceable, and verifiable electronic signature.

Changing your FoxIT Password

Since ITS doesn't manage the username and password for accessing FoxIT PDF Editor license, please use the Forgot Password link at if needed.

  1. Go to
  2. Click LOG IN then FoxIT AccountUploaded Image (Thumbnail)
  3. Click Forgot PasswordUploaded Image (Thumbnail)

Features of FoxIT PDF Editor

  • PDF Editing: Foxit PDF Editor Pro Education allows you to create professional-looking PDF documents and offers advanced editing capabilities. You can edit PDFs like a pro, integrate eSign, properly protect PDFs, scan and OCR paper documents, export to popular file formats, create PDF docs and forms, and organize PDFs.
  • eSign Integration: It integrates with Foxit eSign, a legally binding eSign service, to prepare and gather digitally signed documents1. This service automates workflows, allowing users to send, sign, track, and manage signature processes using their preferred browser.
  • Cloud Support: It supports cloud-based editing, allowing you to create and edit PDFs online. It also enables efficient collaboration, allowing multiple users to share their comments on the same document.
  • Accessibility and Support: It includes PDF Accessibility, PDF Pre-flight, PDF 3D support, high compression from scanned docs, eSign customization, and online forms.
  • Properly Protect PDF: It provides features to secure your PDF files.
  • Scan and OCR Paper Documents: You can scan physical documents and convert them into editable PDF files.
  • Export to Popular File Formats: It allows you to export your PDFs to other popular file formats.
  • Cloud Support: It offers powerful online all-in-one PDF editing and eSigning tool to make your document workflows easy and secure.
  • Collaboration: Multiple users can share their comments on the same document.
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