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Accounts & Access

Articles about account management, including new accounts, access management, name changes, password resets, and other account modifications.

Computers & Devices

Articles about computers, printers, monitors, and audio/video equipment.

Applications & Software

Articles about access, installation, upgrade, purchasing, and renewal of applications and software.


Articles about email accounts, distribution lists, and email security, including reporting spam and phishing.

Teaching & Learning Technologies

Articles about technology and resources directly supporting teaching and learning, including Learning Management System (LMS) and other academic tools for faculty and students.

Sault College Website Support

Articles about adding, changing, removing articles and features related to our internal and external websites.

Network and WiFi

Articles about getting connected with wired or wireless internet access and VPN.


Articles about requesting a new mobile phone or desk phone, or making changes to your phone service, such as phone line moves.

Client Portal User Guides

Guides on using the Sault College Client Portal to submit tickets, view Knowledge Base articles, and more.

Students Helping Students

These documents are a guide when helping students who are experiencing problems. Not all problems may be able to be resolved but try your best to provide this service.

Articles (2)

Creating and adding a Signature in

Create an email signature that you can add automatically to all outgoing messages or add manually to specific ones.

How to schedule the use of a Sault College Vehicle

If your department provides access to book the use of a vehicle follow these instructions.