ERP Application Development Requests - Systems Owner Approval Process

With the introduction of the ERP Application Development Requests service, a requirement is requested for a specific system where the system's owner(s) will be prompted to approve the request. The development for the request will only proceed pending approval.

The following personnel have been designated as System Owners to handle the Workflow Approval process for the following Systems: 


  • Laurie Burrows 

  • Irene Knowles 


  • Rick Webb 

  • Gina Drinkwater 

Student Information System (SIS) 

  • Karli Campbell 

Step 1 - Entry of the new TDX Service Request

This new TeamDynamix Service offering will be available to staff for requesting development changes to our existing ERP applications such as PeopleSoft, OurFinance and SIS.. 

This service is available at this location: ERP Application Development Request.

Illustration 1.0


  1. Requestor – Defaults to the Original Requestor of the ticket. 

  1. Department – Defaults to the Department of the Original Requestor. 

  1. ERP System – There are 3 existing Systems available, of which only one is selected, directing the ticket to the System’s Owner for either Approval or Rejection within TDX process. An additional option, other, is available to allow the entry of any system, not predefined in TDX.

  1. Current Process – A mandatory entry, explaining what and how the current process works today, whether it be manual or automated, along with any details of constraints or dependencies and resources that affect the outcome of the existing practice. 

  1. Requirements – A mandatory entry, indicating what is needed, to help improve the current process, such as additional reporting, inquiries, or export/import of information to better assist with or replace today’s existing functionality.  

  1. Attachment – An optional component of the ticket, which allows the requestor to provide more details and supporting information of the current process, along with requirements.  It is an opportunity to show more illustrative examples and explanations that cannot be communicated in the boxes available on the ticket entry screen.   

  1. Request – The button which will initiate and create the ticket, thus sending the communication to the Systems Approver and Application Development Team for processing.  

Step 2 - Email notification for Workflow Approval of Ticket Request

When a service request ticket is submitted, an email will automatically be sent to the Systems Owners for approval.  As shown below, the ticket can be approved by any of the Systems Owners and doesn’t require each owner to approve. To action on the approval, select the link shown in Illustration 2.0, indicating “Finance Approval Workflow Step”. 


Illustration 2.0


Step 3 - Approve or Reject Ticket 

After selecting the Workflow Approval link from Illustration 2.0, a browser window will pop-up with the options to “Approve” or “Reject” as shown in Illustration 3.0.

Illustration 3.0 


  1. Review Ticket – Select “ERP Application Service Request” from (Illustration 3.0), to review the details of the ticket.  After reviewing the ticket, select “Finance Approval”, (shown below in Illustration 3.1), returning to Workflow Approval step of the ticket (Illustration 3.0). 

Illustration 3.1