AppsAnywhere - How to install and start using AppsAnywhere


The college has begun distributing software through an online software portal called AppsAnywhere.  If software to support your program is available on this resource these instructions will help you get started. 

Note: The starting point to accessing your software is through this web portal, but once the software is launched it will behave as a standard installed application.  The software access will be governed by license availability and the location software is being used.


  • Navigate to from a web browser of your choice
  • You may be prompted in the Welcome screen below.  Assuming this is your first time using AppsAnywere click the BLUE button

  • Depending on the web browser you are using, locate the downloaded file and RUN it.

NOTE: AppsAnywhere needs to be installed with Administrator Access.  If you don't have adminstrator access on a Corporate computer please submit a ticket for assistance.

  • Don't Click DONE in the below screen until the software has been installed.

NOTE: You will only need to install this the first time you use AppsAnywhere on your computer.


Installing the AppsAnywhere application

  • Once you have begun the installation accept all defaults.
  • Click Next >

Click Next >

Click Close

A splash screen will then appear show that AppsAnywhere CloudPaging Player is Installing.  This a piece of software that will let you control the software that AppsAnywhere is providing.

  • Return to the webpage where you began the installation and Click Done

At the top of the AppsAnywhere Webpage click Open

  • A banner will appear at the top of the webpage to let you know if the Validation was Successful

  • You will now be presented with the AppsAnywhere Portal where you can Launch any application you have access to.
  • Simply mouse over the application you want to use and click the button under the Title of the Software (The text for this button may change but is typically Launch)

  1. Click Open for - This site is trying to open AppsAnywhere Launcher
  2. If you don't want to see the bottom bar in the future (We're attempting to communicate with AppsAnywhere on your device) click Don't show me this again
  3. Click Got it!

  • The program will now load and will be added to your Start Menu
  • The Cloudpaging Player will now open and will display all the applications you are using through AppsAnywhere.  You can control the applications access here:
    • Launch - Start the program (Similiar to using the StartMenu)
    • Stop - Close the application (Similiar to clicking File --> Exit)
    • Remove - Uninstall from your system (Similiar to using Add or Remove Programs)




Still have questions? Request more information.


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