Service Catalog

Categories (11)

Report an Incident

Request technical assistance to resolve an issue with an IT service.

Covid 19

This Category will provide Services that are available to Sault college employees related to Covid 19.

Accounts & Access

Services related to account management, including new accounts, access management, name changes, password resets, and other account modifications.

Applications & Software

Services related to the access, installation, upgrade, purchasing, and renewal of applications and software.

Computers & Devices

Services that relate to computers, printers, monitors, and audio/video equipment.


Services related to email accounts, distribution lists, and email security, including reporting spam and phishing.

ERP Systems

Service requests related to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems.

Teaching & Learning Technologies

Technology and resources directly supporting teaching and learning, including Learning Management System (LMS) and other academic tools for faculty and students.

Sault College Website Support

Add, change, remove articles and features related to our internal and external websites.

Network & WiFi

Get connected with wired or wireless internet access and VPN.


Request a new mobile phone or desk phone, or make a change to your phone service, such as phone line moves.

Services (4)

Information Request

Ask a general question regarding ITS related services.

General Service Request

Not sure which service to request? Submit a general service request.

Report an Incident

Submit a request for assistance resolving an issue or problem.

Emergency Technical Assistance

Call ext. 2504 for Emergency Technical Assistance during a class or event.