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The Mentimeter add-in for PowerPoint allows you to add interactive Mentimeter presentations directly to your PowerPoint slides. Mentimeter is a web-based presentation platform that allows you to create interactive and engaging presentations by incorporating live polls, quizzes, word clouds, and other interactive elements.

With the Mentimeter add-in for PowerPoint, you can easily insert interactive Mentimeter slides into your existing PowerPoint presentation, making it more engaging and interactive. You can also use Mentimeter's analytics tools to measure audience engagement and participation in real-time, allowing you to tailor your presentation and content to your audience's needs and interests.

In summary, the Mentimeter add-in for PowerPoint is a powerful tool that allows you to add interactive elements to your presentations, making them more engaging and effective in communicating your message to your audience.


How to Use the Mentimeter Add-in in PowerPoint

Before starting you will need:

  1. Mentimeter account
    1. Reach out to Vanessa O'Dell for an account
  2. Have created a Mentimeter using the Web Account provided in the previous step

Open PowerPoint on your desktop

On the Insert tab

  1. Click Insert / My Add-ins

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

Under Office Add-ins

  1. Click Admin Managed
  2. Click Mentimeter Interactive

    Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
  3. Then click Add

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

Login to the Mentimeter Addin with the username and password provided by Vanessa.

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To use the plug-in you'll need to follow these instructions

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