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The purpose of these steps is to guide employees in booking an equipment resource in Outlook. By creating a new appointment or meeting, adding participants, and checking the availability of the equipment resource, you can schedule a specific time slot for its use. The steps ensure that the resource is available, and the participants are invited to the meeting. Finally, sending the invitation confirms the booking and notifies the participants of the scheduled time slot.

One such example of an equipment sign out are the 3 available cars at Employment Solutions, which are only available for Employment Solutions staff's usage.

Access to certain equipment is governed dynamically using the users Department, if the user doesn't have access to a required resource, please submit a ticket with a request for access, and ITS will investigate the issue.

Target Audience

All Employees

Booking an Equipment Resource

  1. Open Outlook and go to the Calendar view.

  2. Click on the "New Appointment" or "New Meeting" button to create a new event.

  3. In the appointment/meeting window, enter the details for the booking, such as the title, date, start time, and end time.

  4. Click on the "Scheduling Assistant" Tab

  5. Click on the "Add Attendees" button to add participants to the meeting. You can invite the individuals who need to use the equipment resource with you

  6. In the attendee field, start typing the names or email addresses of the participants, and Outlook will suggest matching contacts from your address book.

  7. Once you have added the required participants

    1. Staying on the "Scheduling Assistant" tab

      1. Change the Address book to the location of your Equipment Calendar. 
        See the below example for signing out an Employment Solutions Vehicle

        Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
      2. Now select the resource you want to book

        Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)​​​​​​​
      3. In the "Scheduling Assistant" pane, you can see the availability of the equipment resource and the attendees you've added. 
      4. If the equipment resource is available at the desired time, you will be able to book it.


        Select the desired time slot for the equipment resource by clicking and dragging on the calendar grid.

        Once you've finalized the time slot and made sure the equipment resource is available, click on the "Send" button to send the meeting invitation to the participants. 

        The meeting invitation will be sent to the participants, and the equipment resource will be booked for the specified time slot.

        The participants will receive the invitation in their Outlook inbox and can accept or decline it. If they accept, the meeting will be added to their calendars, and they will be notified of the booking.

Deleting an Equipment Resource Booking

Only the person who booked the Equipment Resource, or a calendar delegate, can delete the booking.  These instructions are for the owner of the booking.

  1. Open Outlook and go to the Calendar view.
  2. Find the booking in your calendar
    1. Click the booking, one time, and press Delete on your keyboard
  3. Click, "Send Cancellation" when prompted.


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