Articles about email accounts, distribution lists, and email security, including reporting spam and phishing.

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Pinned Article Suspicious, Spam, Phishing E-mail or False Positives - What to do!

If you believe that you've received a Suspicious, SPAM, or Phishing e-mail follow these instructions.

After setting up Sault College Email on your Mobile Device you receive an error and your email doesn't work

If after setting up Sault College Email on your Mobile Device you receive an error and your email on the device doesn't work you may have reached the maximum of 10 devices.

Create options for users to book into your calendar (Personal and Group)

Microsoft Bookings and Bookings with me are two methods used to allow users to book into your personal calendar.  Microsoft booking specializes with booking within a group of users, where Bookings with me specializes on 1:1 meetings.  Let's investigate the differences, advantages and disadvantages of both methods.

Email Cleanup - How to cleanup using Outlook Web Access (OWA)

To help maintain the integrity of Sault Colleges mailbox databases, as a college community it is important that we maintain our mailboxes over time. This can be either done using your installed Microsoft Outlook client or can be done from using the Outlook Web Access through the Internet Explorer (IE11) web browser. Other browsers do work for most features, however Internet Explorer fully supports all mailbox actions.

Granting Access to a Outlook Calendar that you own or are a delegate of

You can grant access to your Calendar or to a Calendar of a Mailbox that you have been granted Delegate Permissions to.

How to add an Exchange Calendar that has been shared with you

This process is used to gain access to a shared calendar that you have already been granted access.

How to add members to an Exchange Distribution List that I manage

If you are a Distribution List Manager then you are responsible for managing your members list.  The below steps will assist you in keep your lists up to date.

How to book a Sault College meeting room using Outlook Desktop Client

If you want to book a meeting room in the college for a meeting or event you'lll need to follow these instructions to accomplish this.

How to Create a Personal Calendar in Microsoft Outlook

This is a process to create Personal Calendars in Outlook to help organize types of appointments.

How to work with Mulitiple Calendars in Outlook

If you want to see more then one calendar in the same calendar view, rather then side by side, you can use calendar Overlay.

Microsoft Outlook - How to remove AutoComplete list entries one at a time

This Knowledge Base article contains a step-by-step to clear out individual cached entries in the Microsoft Outlook AutoComplete list. This is required when an incorrect email has been used or an email address has been changed. If the AutoComplete isn't removed for a particular user who meets one of these criteria, email will fail to be sent.

Post Migration of Exchange mailboxes to Exchange Online (Client Settings)

After your mailbox has been migrated from on-prem to Office 365 (The Cloud), post activities and troubleshooting will need occur to ensure all your access is re-established.

Report a Suspicious Email to Microsoft

If you have identified a suspicious email, we recommend you use the Report Message tool in Microsoft Outlook to report it.  This applies to the Microsoft Outlook client installed on your computer as well as the web version you can use through