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Articles about getting connected with wired or wireless internet access and VPN.

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Connect to SCWireless WiFi (On Campus)

Instructions for connecting a device to the cougars WIFI network while on college campus.

How To Login To The College's VPN Using Cisco AnyConnect

Once you have installed the VPN and IT Services has granted you access you can easily run the application by following these steps.  Please see the Related Articles if you haven't installed the software yet.

Setting up Cisco AnyConnect VPN on a device where it has never been installed

In order to access resources you need to use our VPN.  If you need access, contact the Service Desk at x2504 for help.

SISWeb - Not all functions work when using via VPN on a personal computer

If you have setup VPN on your personal computer and are trying to use SISWeb through the Intranet you may notice some features don't work.  This is because you have to make a configuration change in your browser.