Upgrading the Solidworks Licensing Manager

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This KB article provides instructions for upgrading the SolidNetWork License Manager. For major releases of SOLIDWORKS, upgrading the license manager consists of uninstalling the old license manager, installing a new one, and reactivating the SolidNetWork license. The license manager for a newer release can distribute licenses for client computers remaining at the previous release as well. The article also provides detailed steps for uninstalling the old license manager and installing the new one.

Keep in mind, if you are removing the SolidWorks Licensing Manager you will have to unregister the key that is in place first, or you won't be able to re-registered when the reinstall is completed.  If this happened you'll have to reachout to Solidworks Technical support for assistance.


Review attached PDF for detailed instructions and all scenarios.
OR Installing SolidNetWork Licensing Overview - 2023 - SOLIDWORKS Installation Help

  1. Download Installation Media
  2. Unregistered existing License key - 
  3. Upgrade the Solidworks License Manager
  4. Installing the SolidNetWork License Manager Server
  5. Register the new key

Download Installation Media

All your installation media is available from the SOLIDWORKS Downloads Page.

If you cannot access the SOLIDWORKS Downloads Page, contact your Value Added Reseller to obtain DVDs.

To download the installation media from the Customer Portal:

  1. Log in to the SOLIDWORKS Downloads Page as a Subscription Service Customer, using your email address and password, or your SOLIDWORKS serial number.
  2. In the Downloads Page, for Select Version, select the year.
  3. Select the SOLIDWORKS tab for SOLIDWORKS products.
  4. In the Product area, select a service pack.

    For the latest major release, select SOLIDWORKS Products version 0.0.

  5. Click Accept Agreement and Continue in the EULA page.
  6. Click Download.The Installation Manager downloads the installation media for you.

    To download the installation files selectively, follow the prompts to select the manual download method.

Upgrading the SolidNetWork License Manager

For major releases of SOLIDWORKS, upgrading the license manager consists of uninstalling the old license manager, installing a new one, and reactivating the SolidNetWork license.

The license manager for a newer release can distribute licenses for client computers remaining at the previous release as well.

  1. Start SolidNetWork License Manager by clicking Start > SOLIDWORKS Tools version > SolidNetWork License Manager Server.
  2. On the License Usage tab, verify that no client computers on the network are running SOLIDWORKS.
  3. Uninstall the old license manager. For details, see Uninstalling the SolidNetWork License Manager.
  4. Install the new license manager and reactivate the SolidNetWork license on the license manager computer. For details, see Installing the SolidNetWork License Manager Server.


Installing the SolidNetWork License Manager Server

The SolidNetWork License Manager Server supports multiple license clients. It distributes licenses to clients on the network.

If you are upgrading from a previous version of SolidNetWork License Manager Server that used hardware dongles for license activation, remove the hardware dongle before installing the new version of SolidNetWork License Manager Server.

  1. Start SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager as described in Download Installation Media.
  2. For the type of installation, select Server products and click Install SolidNetWork License Manager (distributed licensing) on this computer.
  3. On the Summary page, review the installation location and background downloader, agree to the license terms, and click Install Now.
  4. In the SOLIDWORKS Product Activation Wizard from the SolidNetWork License Manager Server, add a serial number and activate at least one license. See Adding Serial Numbers and Activating SolidNetWork Licenses.

Adding Serial Numbers and Activating SolidNetWork Licenses

To add serial numbers and activate SolidNetWork licenses:

  1. Click Start > SOLIDWORKS Tools version > SolidNetWork License Manager Server.
  2. If prompted to activate, click Yes.
  3. If you are not prompted to activate, on the Server Administration tab, click Modify > Activate/Reactivate your product license(s)and click Next.
  4. On the SolidNetWork License Server Information dialog box:
    1. If your company uses a firewall, select A firewall is in use on this server.

      For more information, see Using SolidNetWork Licenses with Firewalls.

    2. Use the default value for Port Number (and for Vendor Daemon Port Number if you have a firewall) or specify the port numbers your company uses.

      The port number is a TCP/IP port number in the 1024-60000 range, used exclusively by this process. Normally, the default (25734) is suitable and is unlikely to be the same as any other FlexNet server process on the License Manager Server computer.

  5. In the Activate/Deactivate Your SOLIDWORKS Product Wizard:
    1. For Serial Number, click Add.
    2. In the Add Serial Number dialog box, enter the serial number, and click OK.

      You can enter multiple numbers into the Add Serial Number dialog box. Use commas, semicolons, or press the Tab key to separate the entries. Do not use spaces to separate the serial numbers.

      You can also remove serial numbers that either have not been activated or have expired by clicking Remove.

    3. Select the Serial Number whose license you want to activate.
    4. Specify the activation method,

      If you select Automatically over the Internet, the SolidNetWork License Server connects with the SOLIDWORKS Activation Server over the internet to authenticate the license.

      If you specify Manually over Email, you email a request file to a SOLIDWORKS server and receive a response file that you can use to activate the license on the computer.

    5. Enter the Email Contact Information and click Next.
    6. If you are using the automatic method, click Finish.The Result window confirms that the activation succeeded and displays the maintenance expiry date.

      If you are using the manual method, follow the instructions in the wizard to activate. See Manual Activation with a SolidNetWork License Manager Server.

2023 Environment

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

Server List

ProgressiveInc registered vmlicx05p and licsolidworks as valid licensing server names, and remove licrobotstu from the orginal license setup

25734@vmlicx05p is the servers main name

  • AppsAnywhere said to use FQDN - 25734@vmlicx05p.saultcollege.ca

25734@licsolidworks is a CName

  • ​​​​​​​AppsAnywhere said to use FQDN - 25734@licsolidworks.saultcollege.ca

25734@licrobotstu is another CName - In the past this is the name that ProgressivINC had registered our license server name to.  Now they are using vmlicx05p since it is the main name.Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)​​​​​​​Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)


Automated App Licensing Settings, on AppsAnywhere

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

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