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Articles about computers, printers, monitors, and audio/video equipment.

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How to Purchase additional Printing Quota

As a student you will receive an initial print quota of $5.00. This is enough to print 50 single sided, 8 1/2 " sheets. Once you use your initial print quote up { Also know as your Primary Balance } you will need to purchase more quota using our self-serve online Print Portal.

Workstation Device Standards

Workstation standards for college technology.

Installing a Cloud Based College Printer

The College has changed to “cloud based printing”.  This will allow you to print to College printers that are available to you from “anywhere” (whether you are at the College or not).  If you are not at the College, you do not have to be on the VPN.  Please note that secure printing is not available at this time.  Printer naming conventions continue to be based on the room / location number that the printer is located in.

Technology Standards for Personal Devices

The following technology standards apply to all students and staff that will be using personal technology in conjunction with Sault College delivered applications and software.