Articles about requesting a new mobile phone or desk phone, or making changes to your phone service, such as phone line moves.

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Accessing Your College Voicemail from Home or Remotely

When working off-site or from home, you may want to access your voicemail and voicemail settings. This can be done from any phone by calling in or using the Webex mobile application, or by computer through the Webex desktop application or the Webex User Hub.

Enabling Voicemail to Email

Users can be sent a copy of new voicemail messages by configuring a setting within the Webex User Hub.

Overview: Using Your Softphone or Deskphone

This article outlines the basic features of our telephony system, including how to use both the Webex softphone application or the standard Cisco desk phone.

Reset Your Personal Voicemail PIN

Users can reset their voicemail PIN independently online.

Set a Voicemail Greeting

Users can set up a personalized voicemail greeting to play for different categories of calls.