Services A-Z (52)

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Academic Software Request

Request changes to software, such as upgrades or installations, for computers in labs and other learning spaces.

Account Management Request

Request a new account be created or an existing account be modified.

Add Long Distance

Add long distance to your desk phone.


Change Email Address

Request a change to your email address after an official name change.

Computer Hardware Request

Request for allocation of college-supported computer hardware.

Corporate Software Request

Install, modify, or renew software for Sault College owned devices.

Course Merge

Request multiple sections of the same course be merged into the lowest number section.

Create New Email Account

Request a new email account.

Create, Modify, or Delete a File Share

Request to create a new file folder, modify an existing file share, or delete a file share.


Desk Phone Change

Change the display name (Caller ID), extension, or location of a desk phone.

Desk Phone Purchase

Purchase a new desk phone for office use or replace a broken phone.

Distribution Lists

Create, modify, or delete a distribution list.


Emergency Technical Assistance

Call ext. 2504 for Emergency Technical Assistance during a class or event.

Equipment Sign-out

When you need to sign out equipment from ITS or Facilities Management you will need to fill out this form.

ERP Application Development Request

Request changes to ERP applications such PeopleSoft, SIS, and others.

ERP Systems Process or Report Request

This service can be used to request an ERP Systems Process or Report from ITS.

Event Setup

Setting up audio/video presentation equipment for special events.


General Service Request

Not sure which service to request? Submit a general service request.


Information Request

Ask a general question regarding ITS related services.


Job Posting

Request a job posting be added to the Sault College website (


LMS Enrolment Request

Managers, Academic Assistants and Coordinators can use this service to request enrolments in LMS (NOT Instructor role). Student Services can use this service to request Notetaker enrolments in LMS. CICE can use this service to request enrolments in LMS for their area.

Load Courses, Faculty, Students for Upcoming Semester to LMS

Used by staff under an Academic VP to request load of courses, faculty, and/or students for upcoming semester to LMS.


Mobile Phone International Plan Request

Prepare for international travel by requesting to add an international plan to your Sault College-issued mobile phone.

Mobile Phone Purchase

Request to purchase a new mobile phone for official Sault College use.

Move a computer

Move a computer and equipment between offices, classrooms, or labs.


News Posting

Request a news article be added to the Sault College website (


Office 365 Support

Request support for Office 365, including inquiries for Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive and other Office 365 applications.


Password Reset

Request a password reset for faculty, staff, and students' login accounts.

Print Shop

Print request service.

Program Site Modification Request

Academic Assistants can request to merge program sites or add faculty to an existing program site.


Report a Cougar WiFi Issue

Request assistance connecting to the on-campus WiFi network.

Report a Hardware Issue

Report an issue with a computer, monitor, keyboard, or mouse.

Report a Mobile Phone Issue

Request assistance with a mobile phone issued by Sault College.

Report a Printer Issue

Request assistance with a printer, such as issues connecting or paper jams.

Report a Projector or A/V Issue

Report an issue with a projector or other A/V component in a classroom, lab, or learning space.

Report a Software Issue

Report an issue with software already installed on your computer or in a lab.

Report a Turnitin Issue

Turnitin is a plagiarism detection service that integrates with LMS. If you experience an issue when using Turnitin, please describe the occurrence when you request support.

Report an Akindi Issue

Akindi is a Scantron alternative used for multiple choice examinations. If you experience an issue when using Akindi, please describe the occurrence when you request support.

Report an Email Issue

Report an issue with your email account, including delivery issues, bouncebacks, or other error messages.

Report an Incident

Submit a request for assistance resolving an issue or problem.

Report an Issue with the New Website

Use this service to report any issues you find with the new website.

Report an LMS Issue

Request assistance with an LMS problem or issue.

Report Suspicious Email, Spam, or Phishing Attempt

Report a suspicious email, phishing attempt, or possible account compromise.

Restore from Backup

Request to recover lost files from previous backup systems.


Staff Colour Print Quota

Request an increase to your staff colour print quota.

Student Account Merge

When duplicate accounts are created for a student, IT Staff will merge the accounts into one.


Virtual Private Network (VPN) Service

Request access to college resources while off campus via VPN.


Request voicemail be activated on an existing phone line.

Voicemail PIN Reset Request

Request a change to your voicemail PIN.


Website Modifications (External)

Request changes to the Sault College website ( or Employment Solutions website including new pages, edits to a page, and new campaigns.

Website Modifications (Internal)

Request changes to an internal Sault College website, student portal, or intranet page.

Wired Network Service

Request to have a wired ethernet port installed, activated, or deactivated in a campus building.