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Services or Offerings?
Request changes to software, such as upgrades or installations, for computers in labs and other learning spaces.

Request a new account be created or an existing account be modified.

Add long distance to your desk phone.

Request a change to your email address after an official name change.

Request for allocation of college-supported computer hardware.

Install, modify, or renew software for Sault College owned devices.

Request multiple sections of the same course be merged into the lowest number section.

Request a new email account.

Request to create a new file folder, modify an existing file share, or delete a file share.

Change the display name (Caller ID), extension, or location of a desk phone.

Purchase a new desk phone for office use or replace a broken phone.

Create, modify, or delete a distribution list.

Call ext. 2504 for Emergency Technical Assistance during a class or event.

When you need to sign out equipment from ITS or Facilities Management you will need to fill out this form.

Request changes to ERP applications such PeopleSoft, SIS, and others.