My Recently Visited Services

Request a new account be created or an existing account be modified.

Not sure which service to request? Submit a general service request.

Request access to college resources while off campus via VPN.

Request an increase to your staff colour print quota.

When duplicate accounts are created for a student, IT Staff will merge the accounts into one.

Submit a request for assistance in resolving an issue or problem.

Print request service.

Request a password reset for faculty, staff, and students' login accounts.

Managers, Academic Assistants and Coordinators can use this service to request enrolments in LMS (NOT Instructor role). Student Services can use this service to request Notetaker enrolments in LMS. CICE can use this service to request enrolments in LMS for their area.

Used by staff under an Academic VP to request load of courses, faculty, and/or students for upcoming semester to LMS.

Create, modify, or delete a distribution list.

Call ext. 2504 for Emergency Technical Assistance during a class or event.

Request changes to an internal Sault College website, student portal, or intranet page.

Request changes to the Sault College website ( or Employment Solutions website including new pages, edits to a page, and new campaigns.

Please use this service if you have a college managed device that has not been entered into the college asset inventory database.

Need help? Use this service to reach out to your fellow students for assistance!

Information Technology Services program to help students in need of technology to be loaned to assist in their studies.

Request to recover lost files from previous backup systems.

Report a suspicious email, phishing attempt, or possible account compromise.

Request a Program or Course End Date Extension.

Request a news article be added to the Sault College website (

Move a computer and equipment between offices, classrooms, or labs.

Request a job posting be added to the Sault College website (

Setting up audio/video presentation equipment for special events.

If you require support with setting up your grade book or releasing your grades, please reach out to contacts as per below:
1. Your Program Coordinator
2. Faculty member Melanie Jones; or
3. Emily Milito, (Out of the office Monday April 22 and Tuesday April 23, 2024).