Can't access Sault College Portal when doing a Google search of the site


When trying to access the College Student Portal,, by using a Google search, users receive a Permission Denied message. 


  • Google has mislabeled some cached Sault College sites.  Instead, of typing the address directly into the web browser's address bar the user performs an Internet search.  The mislabeled link routes users to (LMS) instead of the Portal.  
  • Since the link routes users to our LMS site, and they have no active college courses a Permission Denied message will appear. 

NOTE: Courses aren't available until the first day of classes.


  • Type the address directly into the web browser's address bar instead of performing a Google search for the address.
  • If you prefer to do a Google search, ensure you click on the link labelled instead of (see image below)

Mis-cached google search

  • has cached and labelled our links correctly, so this search engine can be used if preferred.  The first Solution above, however, is the recommended approach.

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Mon 3/9/20 1:01 PM
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